Water is easily available in China, but drink bottled, not tap water wherever you go. Drinking water is available at restaurants and hotels. Very few cities, like Hong Kong and Guilin, have public direct drinking water system available. Bottled water can be bought anywhere at the station stalls and supermarkets.

In case of accident, most major cities will have a hospital with an accident and emergency ward, however, in more rural districts the nearest hospital may be a distance away so your best bet would be to call an ambulance. Dial 120 for an ambulance which is a free call from any telephone.

If an urgent hospitalization is requested, you should warn or make warn the doctor of your Embassy to estimate at best your clinical state and steer you so towards the most adapted structure of care.


After we have registered you for a semester or year training at Institut PEÑA, we will send you 5 weeks before your study session a letter of acceptance and an invitation letter with our pre-departure information booklet with lots of helpful information to help you to prepare your studies in China. Then, you will apply for your visa to come to study in China.

To obtain a visa, you need a valid passport with blank pages and adequate time left before expiration (at least 6 months after your stay in China). Once the consulate is done processing your visa, you will still need to bring the admission notice with you to China.

The website of the Chinese embassy for each country should have either links to the consulate in charge of your district, or will provide a contact address for enquiries about visas.


Why study or learn Chinese language with Institut PEÑA?
Institut PEÑA offers the only Chinese language training with GUARANTEED RESULTS in China thanks to Institut PEÑA's teacher quality and unique teaching method.

Are the Chinese Language courses taught in Chinese, English or French?
Institut PEÑA linguistic programs welcome students from all Nationalities. All courses are taught in Chinese by global immersion, with minimal use of English when one or more students have difficulties. Institut PEÑA helps students each afternoon for explanations if questions remains. Lessons based on a communicative approach teaches students in the early weeks to cope alone daily (moving, asking for directions, buying something). Morning classes are divided between several teachers who succeed.

Absolutely beginner, which chinese language level will i reach in one academic semester or year study?
All depends on you. A level of 600-750 chinese characters seems to be a reasonable objective for one semester and 1300-1600 characters for one year study.

Do Institut PEÑA programs lead to a diploma? In which language?
Institut PEÑA programs lead to linguistic training certificate in Chinese, English or French who explains contents of the followed program, used teaching supports, student's linguistic level and results in the matters of the course (explanations based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

What about medical insurance?
We advice you to update your family's plan or your own current medical insurance before your stay. A semester of comprehensive coverage will cost about 400-650 RMB and up (200 €/academic year), depending on how comprehensive the insurance is. Whether you decide, we highly recommend that you are absolutely clear of what kind of insurance you are getting before you purchase one.

What's about daily life budget?
Food budget : 33-50 RMB (4,2-6 €) per day should be enough for 3 good meals for eating out at cafeterias and restaurants on campus. Chinese food is almost always less expensive and served in bigger portions than Western food, also Western food budget is a bit more than 10 €/day.
A 200 € monthly budget is enough for your meal and personal expenses.

Does one need a medical insurance?
Yes a medical insurance is obligatory for the studies in Popular republic of China.

When should I plan to arrive and depart?
Only students subscribing to airport pick-up service when applying to any progam will be picked up at the airport on arrival for their training.
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Plan on arriving the start date and depart on the day the program ends for short term programs. Plan on arriving 4 days before start date and depart on the day the program ends for long term programs (semester and academic year programs). If you wish to stay longer after the program ends, ask us about availabilities and additional fee application.
A reception is held on campus for each training session.

How can I get or exchange money while I am in Beijing?
You may bring cash or traveler's checks with you. Cash advances can be drawn over the counter at most large banks for a transaction charge. Students may open a bank account through Bank of China next Institut PEÑA and transfer funds from accounts in their home country (it takes about 5-10 working days).

What about if I have a problem in China while on the program?
Students arrange visa, insurance and airfare in their home country and Beiyan's staff care every detail while students are in China. Our team will be able to help you with any problem or concern that you may have during your studies in China, but always remember we never advance any cash to student.